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Strata HQ Residential


Enjoy a worry-free strata lifestyle. Feel confident, secure in the knowledge that your investment is protected with proactive management, responsive service maintenance and accurate financial reporting. 


Protect your business reputation with an efficiently run complex that meets the needs of every stakeholder. Receive a rapid response to all your service issues and maximise the value of your asset. 

Developer Services

Are you a developer seeking a new strata plan for your building? We’ll ensure you’re legally compliant and set you up for a long future with the foundations of a well-run strata scheme. Talk to us today. 

Strata HQ Management Solutions

It’s Simple. We Get The Job Done

At Strata HQ, we keep it personal. Property ownership is no short-term fling. You want a long-term, respectful owners corporation to help you through the complexities – and that’s what we do. You’ll enjoy proactive strata management solutions with down-to-earth, open and honest communication. And when you need our help – there are no waiting times and no hidden costs.

Our fresh, simple approach is supported by proven management processes and financial systems. With a strong track record, we’re experienced in the management of residential and commercial schemes of every size. So whatever your strata needs, you can relax knowing your scheme is running smoothly and that the value of your asset is protected by a professional New South Wales strata company.

How we’re different

Many clients come to us seeking better service over their existing strata agent. We know it can be worrying when every time you contact your strata manager, you wonder if you’ll be charged for every little thing they do. You need up-front disclosure of all costs, so there are no nasty surprises when you receive your account.

We’re completely transparent about the structure of our earnings. We offer a complete fee review as part of the executive committee’s due diligence before we quote. This means you can be clearly informed of the comparative costs you currently pay. Put simply, you’ll understand what you’ll pay and when you’ll pay it.

At Strata HQ, we charge a single management fee that is inclusive, transparent and fair. We don’t retain any insurance commissions (or any other type of commission). Respect and service are at the core of our business, which means we’re responsive to your needs and deliver on our word.

Strata HQ Management

Our Story

Independently owned and operated, we’re a strata management company that services residential, commercial and developer strata schemes in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

Our business was formed in 2012, by successful Sydney real estate agent, Daniel Dekell. Daniel had long paid witness to the management frustrations of strata property owners. He found that many were tired of the revolving door of strata managers and the constant variation in service. He felt they deserved better.

It was clear that owners sought a long-term partnership with their strata manager. They wanted someone with experience and maturity in their approach.  At Strata HQ, Daniel’s no-nonsense business style has created strata management services that are simpler, puts people first and gets things done.

We’re here to make it easy for you, give us a call on 02 9420 2066.